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Quick-Check Sustainable Business Management

Welcome to the "Quick Check Sustainable Business Management".


What is the Quick Check for Sustainable Business Management?

The Quick Check for Sustainable Business Management is a self-assessment tool designed to help you assess your sustainability activities and provide recommendations for further improvements.


This check is intended to help you

  • assess your own performance
  • to find out the status quo of your supplier companies as well as
  • give you individual recommendations for action and improvement.

There are two versions of the Quick Check for Sustainable Business Management. Version 1 is intended to raise the awareness of users with regard to sustainability issues. It consists of 12 questions and can be answered in about 5 minutes. Version 2 is more detailed and can therefore provide a more accurate assessment of your sustainability performance. It consists of 31 questions and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Sustainability, sustainable management, corporate social responsibility and also corporate citizenship are terms that are widely talked about today - no company can avoid positioning itself in this conceptual landscape. The Centre for Sustainable Leadership at the University of Witten/Herdecke has set itself the goal of promoting "sustainable business management" in the economy. Based on the UN definition of sustainable development and the EU definition of CSR, the following definition was used:

Sustainable business management is understood as gradually taking on more responsibility for people and nature at the company and product level - from the company location through the value chain to society. In doing so, it is important to keep both the global North-South divide and future generations in mind. The implementation of sustainability is a medium- to long-term learning process that requires an open dialogue with the company's stakeholders (ZNU 2013).

In terms of holistic sustainability management, both the activities within the company and the engagement in the value chain and society are relevant. The combination of sustainable corporate governance and sustainability issues together makes up the dynamics of sustainable business management.

  • Sustainable corporate governance captures the "how?" of corporate management. Here, the strategic orientation and the inner attitude of the organisation are in the foreground.
  • The sustainability topics focus on the topic-related "what?", i.e. what is your company doing concretely in the three dimensions of sustainability environment / economy / social?