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Umfrage für Unternehmen Selbstcheck | ZNU-SustainabilityCheck

The ZNU SustainabilityCheck


The ZNU SustainabilityCheck offers a well-grounded analysis of the status quo of a company with regard to sustainability. It clarifies what exactly constitutes sustainable leadership and where your company currently stands. This in-depth assessment is a self-evaluation carried out by the company's employees in a workshop and discussed among the group.

The ZNU SustainabilityCheck consists of 60 questions, each of which must be answered on a point scale based on exemplary activities. This rating system enables the company to track successes over time and benchmark itself against competitors. The ZNU SustainabilityCheck can thus serve as a basis for the regular review of the company's sustainability performance.

Advantages of the ZNU SustainabilityCheck:


  • You discover which aspects sustainability encompasses! (Definition of sustainability)
  • You recognise to what extent sustainability relates/could relate your core business! (Relevance / Potentials)
  • You see where you stand on the issue of sustainability! (Determining your status quo)
  • You systematise existing activities and recognise where your organisation can advance in the individual thematic fields! (Systematisation / Planning)

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The ZNU SustainabilityCheck: The well-grounded status-quo assessment for your company

The ZNU SustainabilityCheck is available to all ZNU partner companies free of charge. Would you like to advance the topic of sustainability in your company with us?

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Companies that are not part of the ZNU partner network can carry out the ZNU SustainabilityCheck in a workshop together with fjol GmbH. The fjol GmbH is a consulting company that emerged in 2011 as a spin-off from the ZNU - Centre for Sustainable Leadership and supports companies in the introduction of sustainability management systems. If you are interested in the services of fjol GmbH, please contact us directly.