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Umfrage für Unternehmen Selbstcheck | 15-Minute check


Welcome to Version 2 of the "Quick Check Sustainable Business Management". The aim of this Check is to facilitate the assessment of your own performance as well as that of your supplier with regard to a sustainable supply chain and to provide you with individual recommendations for action and suggestions for improvement.

The Self-Check is based on the fields of action of the ZNU Standard - driving sustainable change. It consists of 31 questions, which are divided into the four areas of environment, economy and social affairs, and sustainable leadership. If all questions are answered, the check will take about 15 minutes.

Send the check to your suppliers and collect the results to include them in your supplier evaluation. If you would like a shorter check or if your focus is more on raising awareness among your employees / your suppliers, use version 1 of the "Quick Check Sustainable Business Management". It will give you an initial assessment of your sustainability performance in 5 minutes and raise awareness of the relevant sustainability issues.

User Instructions

No registration is required to complete the "Quick Check Sustainable Business Management". Click on "Start Quick Check" to begin the check. You can then answer the 31 questions of the check. If you do not have the necessary information to answer a question, or if this question does not apply to your company, you have the option to skip this question.

At the end of the check, your results will be displayed. Moreover, you will receive two recommendations for action. First, general recommendations for action, which are based on and tailored according to your results. In addition, you will receive specific recommendations for action for each question that you answered with "partially" or "no" in order to improve in this area.

Important: No data is being saved. Please save the the results of your check, since tehy cannot be restored afterwards.

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